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When it comes to your cryptocurrency investment strategy for 2018 and beyond it is important to remember that no website should be claiming to offer financial/investment advice unless they are certified and licensed to do so. We at like to provide information about upcoming projects and let our viewers explore them on their own accord. That's why we have the freshest content (ICO articles/press releases) as well as a frequently updated project calendar.

Where Can I Buy Altcoins

Once you find an upcoming altcoin project or ICO that you feel is worthy of exploring further and potential acquiring, you will need to follow the project specific directions listed on the website of the project. Use our project calendar to navigate through projects and find some that look interesting to you!

ICOs Launched
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ICO Related Quotes

"“It is unstoppable, it is enormous and it is going to shake the world,”"

— Andreas Antonopoulos

"ICO market (still) very young''


"ICOs have huge potential for investments"

— Russian Central Bank